The firestorm will begin in 3… 2… 1…

Get ready to hear from some rather unhappy users over the next couple of days. The hosted blog site decided to remove feed statistics this afternoon, and we all know how much bloggers like to obsess over their stats. WordPress is an incredible tool (hell, I’m using it right now), but I think they might have some very unhappy customers on their hands.

Here is the quote from Matt:

As important to us to be constantly adding new features and functionality for you guys, sometimes we have to retire or prune things that just didn’t work out or that we don’t have time to focus on right now.

So today we bid farewell to our good fried Feed Stats, which tried to tell you how many subscribers you had to your blog and what software they used.

UPDATE: Well, that wasn’t as bad as I thought. I guess WordPress users are a mild mannered bunch. Personally, I got around the loss of feed stats by switching to FeedBurner for my RSS feed.

3 responses to “The firestorm will begin in 3… 2… 1…

  1. Damn damn damn. I loved that.

  2. Compared to the livejournal crowd, users are remarkably docile. That will probably change as the userbase grows and they get screwed over more frequently.

  3. True, although some users are making a bit more of a fuss now… 204 comments and counting:

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